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umm, you aren't supposed to do that. How did this get past anyway? It's still funny...

This was a really good animation to me, don't even listen to the person below. Anyway, keep up the good work.

I don't know what I just saw there. It starts off with some buggy in a stadium race (if that is what I was seeing) with distorted music, then it goes to a scene next to some buildings with a drug dealer zone. Doesn't seem a bit funny like the past Basics of Life episodes. Keep up the weird, but good work!

that was the weirdest thing i have ever seen. I'd rather watch a Flash than having to kick someone in the balls.

Seems very funny... besides click on the LOL bbqnudlez words in the menu for an easter egg!

What a very funny, short and bloody animation right there! Computers really do piss stickmen off sometimes! But they actually do that to all of us. And it's not just me. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Well, that was fucking lame, but it's funny. It starts off with Mario spinning around naked with a giant penis and Scatman playing in the background. Then some guy screaming into a microphone thingy saying "STFU!!!!!". Then it shows Sonic spinning around whilst Dr. Eggman (or Robotnik if you want to call him >_>) changes width and length with the words LOL ROBOTNIK LOLOLOL. At last it ends with the guy from Harry Potter spinning in. (sorry i don't know the guy with the microphone or the bearded man from harry potter's names are)

What the hell...

When you start the movie, it's just a picture of the KK Cat and some brown cat with Take on Me playing in the background.

Besides, the description contains stolen descriptions from other games.

Meh, that was very bad... but it's gross... bleh!

P.S. nevermind

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